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Protecting Your Customer Base – Educating Your Customers

“I had no idea that you guys did that!”  How many times have you heard that while letting one of your clients know about a product or service you offer they have never purchased?  Very likely this occurs more often than you realize.  Business EducatiingEducating your clients about all you have to offer is extremely important in both adding to and maintaining your existing customer base.  Talking to your clients about what you offer is one thing, but to make it stick you need to have a leave behind of some sort that helps them remember all of things you talked about.  One of the best printed marketing items to assist with this process is a brochure.  A brochure comes in may shapes and sizes and can be adapted to the amount of information you need to get across.  The most common form is a tri-fold which has 6 panels to work with.  Tri-folds open to 8.5″ x 11″ and can be printed on a variety of different paper stocks.  BrochuresYou always want to keep your target market in mind when having brochures designed so they capture their interest.  Too much wording can overwhelm, and too few may not do the job of educating.

This is only one form of education.  In addition to brochures you should be emailing informative updates to those in your customer base who enjoy receiving them.  Postcards are a great way stay in contact with existing customers or reaching out to new customers so that you can update them about additional or existing services they may never have thought to utilize.  Again, these come in a variety of sizes and can be printed on different paper stocks depending on their intended use.  There are different methods of distributing postcards.  Traditionally these are mailed but they can handouts as well.  If you are mailing your postcards then their size can effect postage pricing.

Include QR Codes, your website address, and traditional contact information on all of your printed marketing materials.  Not all of your clients use the same method of obtaining information about the products and services you offer.  Some use phones or tablets, some search the web on computers, some like to talk on the phone, and others will want to meet face-to-face.  Educate your clients on a regular basis so they think of you and not your competitor.  People not only like but appreciate information that benefits them in some way.

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